Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Post!!!!11!!!@@2

So you start a blog cause all your friends do it and you go. "Hey I can do that." Then you face the problem what is interesting enough in your life to write about. I mean the point is to eventually have other people read this so what do you do?

Well you do what I do which is to just write what you know and hope it eventually gets interesting. So what do I know about? Lots of things. Let us explore these things for a moment.
  • Aquatics: I am a lifeguard. I have been for 6 years (that's 4 actual years of experience.) What does this mean I know? On the base line it means I have to know how to swim (this should be obvious to people but isn't always especially to kids.) I also have to know CPR (that's cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AED (automatic external defibrillator), first aid, and how to pull someone out of the water (ie. Lifesaving). Those are the certificates I have to have to lifeguard. What I also know is how to blow a whistle, how to say "Pools closed" so that a full pool can hear me.  I know in general what rules should be standard at every pool and why those rules exist. I can also spot when someone is having trouble swimming when there about a hundred other people in said pool. I also happen to be a swim teacher so I know how to get a kid to float, kick, and paddle, and usually have fun doing it.  I love the water and I think I am a pretty darn good lifeguard and a pretty good teacher. Thus the Aqua in this blog title. There will be a certain amount of talk about my job.
  • Gaming, I have about as many years experience gaming as I do lifeguarding. when I say gaming I mean real pen and paper RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthullu, and GURPS. I love roleplaying games and the people I play them with however those are the people who I think may be the first to read this blog so there will be less talk about day to day activities though I may talk about it more when I run my own games.
  • Webcomics, I love webcomics and have been reading them longer than I have been doing the past two things (except swimming I have been swimming my whole life.) Expect reviews from time to time of especially good comics.
  • Webshows, I have a bit less experience with this than Webcomics but pretty much the same comments about that.
  • Life, I actually only have so-so knowledge about life in general as I hardly have one but what I do I will talk about.
So that's it I hope everyone who reads this considers it a good investment of their time and continues to read.