Friday, February 4, 2011

2nd post?

So, I decided I should just start writing in this blog like I said I would half a year ago. I have had a lot of thoughts about what could fill these pages. I have decided to use bits of all of them. So onto teh blogging.

My Life At Present
Right now I am still working at the pool I was working at when I started this blog. I actually quite enjoy this work. I am teaching a lot and because of a recent rash of snow days have been spending a little more time doing that than guarding. That will all change tonight as I will be working both my normal afternoon shift and a special late night event that will keep my Friday night work filled until midnight. For working this late I will of course be reimbursed with my normal rate and an extra $20 dollars which actually is more than normal overtime would be if we actually got overtime. (not a complaint they just like to keep part time workers at less than full time and therefore we don't ever get overtime)
     In other news my current RPG exploits include some 2nd ed Planescape. I am playing a tiefling priest of chaos. I think I may devote an entire post to her so that's all I will say on this subject.
     I think that is all I have to say about anything right now.